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Trouble Shooting Tips

Most Common HD Cable TV Fixes:

Do you see a black/blue screen saying NO SIGNAL?

If yes, find the remote that came with your TV. Locate the INPUT or SOURCE button. Press that button to scroll through all the inputs until you get your picture back. (Make sure if you have a Cable box or Converter box that it is powered on.)


Do you see Signal Unavailable and have an Entone/Amino cable box? 

Locate your Arris TG2472 Gateway modem device  (pictured to the left),

and then pull the power cord.  Make sure all the lights go out on the 

modem, wait 10 seconds then plug back in.  Once you see the MoCA light

start flashing the cable box should then start working.


Most Common High-Speed Internet Fixes:

Power cycle your Arris cable modem by unplugging the power cord. (If there is a battery in the modem-YOU MUST PULL IT OUT.) Once all the lights have gone off, put the battery back in FIRST, followed by the power cord.  If you have a separate WiFi router like a TP-Link or Netgear for example, unplug the power cord to that as well, allowing all 4 green or blue lights to go solid on the Arris device before powering back up.   


If the DS or US lights don't go solid, check that your RF/Coaxial cable is screwed on tight and that all the other cable wires inside and outside are not damaged and screwed on tight.

If that didn't seem to fix it, try turning off one internet connected device (cell phone, Roku, gaming system for example) in the house at a time, until the internet seems back up to speed.

If you use a Streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu, please make sure you have changed the data settings in your accounts.  We recommended either the medium or low setting.  You can find the directions for this by googling Netflix data settings.  It will give you step by step instructions.

**You must google each different streaming service for their specific instructions.**

Most Common Digital Phone Fixes:
Try power cycling your modem.

How to power cycle your phone modem.

1. Remove power cord.

2. Locate the Push button shown in the picture.

3. Push in and pull out to remove side.

4. Remove battery (if you have one).*

5. Wait 10 seconds, replace battery.

6. Reinsert power cord.

If the phone is still not working, try plugging a phone directly into line 1 port on the back of the Arris device.  If you have dial-tone then your in house wiring may be in need of repair.  

*Battery only powers the phone port on the Arris device to provide calling ability, IF YOU HAVE A PHONE THAT DOES NOT NEED POWER TO WORK.  


We recommend purchasing


to power your modem, router, phone base, TV, cable box and more during 

a short** power outage allowing you to keep using your phone, Internet and TV.

**Duration depending on model you purchase.

NOTE: This device saves you money$$ by protecting your devices from power surges

and power flickers.  This device also keeps your service keep working during 

momentary power outages if used correctly.    

Mail Sever Information:

Incoming –, some devices require the port number, which is 143
Outgoing –, some devices require the port number, which is 25
Username is your full email address.
We recommend IMAP, because IMAP syncs between all devices checking your mailbox.

Call us Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm.

Call 570-247-2512 and listen to the prompts* ​​listed below: *Prompts could change at any time 

Option 1 Is for billing questions, payments and new service​

Option 2 Is for technical support

Option 3 Is for placing an ad on our community events channel.

Option 4  ​Is to leave us a message for us to check after hours.  In message, leave account name and call back info.

Option 0 Is for the company representative.

If you picked one or none of these options above and no one answers your call and you leave a message, that message will not be heard until the next business day. If you prefer to send us an email, please send to :

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Entone/Amino remote instructions
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