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Digital Phone

Our phone service offers you unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and much of Mexico.  Other features include: 911, Voicemail with web access/web portal, Caller ID deluxe, Call waiting with caller ID, 3 Way calling, Anonymous call rejection (call block), Call forward variable, Line block, 900 block, International block, 10 digit international block (i.e.: Jamaica, Virgin Islands, etc.), Repeat call, Return call, and Find me follow me (will call your cell phone or other #'s) 

• Any internet service package
• Arris phone modem or ATA device
• Phone Activation Fee – $20.00 per number (Fee dropped for current internet customers on first number.)

NOTE: Please plan on giving us 2 business days to process new numbers and 7 business days to process same numbers. Do not call your current phone company to disconnect if you want to keep your same number. BVC is not responsible for early termination fees billed by old provider.

Customers with TV, Internet and Phone will receive a monthly discount of $3.00 on their phone service.

Prices and dates subject to change.



$29.00 / month


$39.00 / month

Keep your current phone number or new local numbers available. Need more lines for your business needs. You can ask for an in office visit for a free estimate.

Keeping your phone number,  but saying good-bye to Frontier, you'll need to fill out this Letter of Authorization.

To access voicemail from home phone, dial *98 

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