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Enjoy faster streaming, better cyber security protection, and seamless 
Wi-Fi connectivity with our NEW fiber optic internet!

Unbeatable Reliability Paired With Unlimited Data
Making the switch to fiber optic internet means never having to compromise your home’s Wi-Fi experience thanks to the area’s premier internet provider: Beaver Valley Cable Co.

Affordable Seamless Connectivity  
We offer meshable routers to extend your Wi-Fi 
everywhere you need it; inside and outside your home.

Superior Performance, Same Great Commitment to You
Thanks to our upgrade to fiber optic internet, we will be able to offer the same great technical support and customer service that our community, friends, and family have trusted for over 40 years.



If you live in the blue highlighted area, it's time to UPGRADE! Please call 570-247-2512 or email to schedule your free upgrade install appointment.***

Wi-Fi Made Easy!
Use the CommandIQ App on your smartphone or tablet to change passwords, access updates in your network, manage parental controls and see all connected devices.

*50Mbps/50Mbps for $50/mth, 100Mbps/100Mbps for $70/mth, 500Mbps/500Mbps for $90/mth, 1 Gbps/1 Gbps for $120/mth.

**Managed Wi-Fi requires an equipment rental agreement and an additional charge of $5 per month.

***Free installation for current BVC customers. New customers will be charged a new customer installation fee.

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