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Beaver Valley Cable Company is a family owned and operated business serving our community since 1980.

The services and speeds you need with great local support.


Fast and reliable connection for your home and business making it easy to get things done.

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Digital Phone

Unlimited nationwide calling for your home and business.

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Cable TV

Live local news, sports and premium packages.

What's new at BVC

Fiber for Everyone!  

We are running more fiber out into our network.  Our goal is to have an all fiber network with everyone switched over within 5 years.

Starting in April 2024- We are bringing these new speeds to our current fiber customers and to the Potterville area, first.     

Why is this important?

Symmetrical Speeds 

meaning you get the same speed regardless of whether you’re uploading files or downloading videos

Even faster speeds 

Speed packages will increase 

New symmetrical speeds:

50 Mbps UP and Down for $50

100 Mbps UP and Down for $70 

500 Mbps UP and Down for $90

1 Gbps UP and Down for $120

None symmetrical speed:

10 Mbps Down by 3 Mbps Up for $30

Even more reliability 

An all fiber network means power outages affecting your service at home can be a thing of the past.  If you power your devices by generator or battery backup at your home you will have service.  

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