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Entone Cable TV Box Support Material 

If you are asked to enter host name or ip address
or IP address:
Arris Wireless Router users
NOTE: The reset button on the device will set its wireless configurations back to DEFAULT.  If you have pressed this button, you must follow setup instructions below.
HD and DVR Box 
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We will no longer be selling wireless cable modems.   
How to power cycle your phone modem.
1. Remove power cord.
2. Locate the Latch End as shown in the picture.
3. Insert a finger into the latch opening. Then press down and pull back on the latch holding the battery door.
Note the orientation of the battery for future reference, as it will only fit completely if it is inserted correctly.
4. Remove battery.
5. Wait 5 seconds, replace battery.
6. Reinsert power cord.
Phone problems??  
Try power cycling your modem.
Need more help?
How can I tell whether the battery for my phone modem needs to be replaced?
To check the battery with the modem plugged in:

Find the indicator light on the front of the modem labeled Battery.

  If the light is solid, the battery is good.
  If the light flashes, the battery is bad or low.
  If the light is off, the battery is not installed.

To test the battery with the modem unplugged:

Unplug the modem. You should be able to obtain a dial tone from a connected phone.