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      Keeping your Phone Number, but saying good-bye to Frontier, you'll need to fill out this:      Letter of Authorization
It's Free with your TV subscription.
Registration tip: Don't use the numbers after the -
Time to see if your basic TV package will still work on your TV’s after the change over. 

Do an auto channel scan on your tv to see if they pick up 3-0, 4-0, 23-0, 24-0 and 29-0. 
If your TV picks up these 5 channels your tv will still work. 

If it doesn’t pick up these channels, you will have the following options:
1. Purchase a new TV with a digital tuner. Note: shop online. Refine your online search: digital tuner. Our new Samsung TV’s are working well here. 
2. Purchase a converter box from us (more info on this after we finish testing)
3. Upgrade to expanded basic cable ($5 more) with a monthly box rental fee of $5 per set for HD, if you want a recording option that’s $15 monthly.